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These are opinion pieces that I have had published in a variety of newspapers and magazines. I have been writing letters-to-the-editor since 2006, and have had over 160 published since then. I also play guitar and sing in a musical revue called The Loser's Lounge. With a cast of guest singers, we perform tributes to great songwriters and bands. The show is in its 24th year, and we perform at Joe's Pub - The Public Theater and Lincoln Center in New York City.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

amNY published this letter on March 25, 2009.

While I won't congratulate Sen. Schumer for realizing that basic rights are being denied his gay constituents, his support of same-sex marriage is welcome news. I hope that the Senator will include in his talking points the words of James Madison during a speech in 1789: “The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief.” Now, how can you argue with James Madison?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Although the final sentence of this letter was taken out when Metro published it on March 11, 2009, I'm happy with how it works as a shorter statement. The full version reads:

I am pleased that President Obama has declared that his administration will defer to science and not ideology when considering matters of import such as stem cell research. But I hope he will apply the same criteria to the issue of gay marriage. Equality, like science, must not be abridged by religious beliefs. The Obama Administration would do well to recognize the hypocrisy behind championing scientific integrity while failing to defend the rights of gay Americans.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The day before this letter was printed, Metro had published a series of anti-Obama letters. Being an "Obama sycophant" (see previous post), I felt it was my duty to come to his defense. My letter from March 6, 2009 was part of a group of letters critical of the Republican Party. The Obama sycophant strikes again!

When Vice President Biden stated that President Obama would be "tested" early in his presidency, he did not realize that the attack would come from Republicans rather than a hostile foreign government. But in a country that holds free speech among its defining liberties, the President's success rests on his ability to bear the hard scrutiny that accompanies power. If President Obama fails to meet the expectations of the American people, he will not blame the baiting of Rush Limbaughs or the grandstanding of Rick Santellis. He will accept the responsibility alone with the same grace and forthrightness that has made him a most unique leader.

My letter from March 2, 2009 received a rather heated response from a gentleman who completely misinterpreted my piece. It must be his opposition to my politics that inspired his ire, for although I never mentioned our President in my letter, he saw fit to bestow upon me the moniker "Obama sycophant." That truly tickled me. I wrote a short follow-up response to amNY, but, alas, it was not published. Here is what I said:

Re James Longo's letter - 3/2. Unfortunately, Mr. Longo missed the sarcasm of my letter responding to a ridiculous suggestion that welfare recipients be regularly drug tested to continue receiving benefits. As for his charge that I am an Obama sycophant, I have criticized the President's stance on gay marriage in the pages off this newspaper. Of course, otherwise he can do no wrong. (Just kidding, Mr. Longo.)