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These are opinion pieces that I have had published in a variety of newspapers and magazines. I have been writing letters-to-the-editor since 2006, and have had over 160 published since then. I also play guitar and sing in a musical revue called The Loser's Lounge. With a cast of guest singers, we perform tributes to great songwriters and bands. The show is in its 24th year, and we perform at Joe's Pub - The Public Theater and Lincoln Center in New York City.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I really felt like a lawyer when I wrote this letter. May I tip my hat to all my friends who are lawyers, and the important perspective they've given me. On July 15, 2010, Newsday published my thoughts on the Rev. Jesse Jackson's racially-tinged defense of basketball star Lebron James from disparaging remarks made by his former employer. This is the full letter, which was trimmed slightly in printed form.
If charges of racial animus by the Rev. Jesse Jackson against Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert are true, then we must be convinced that Mr. Gilbert (who described Lebron James as narcissistic, disloyal and a coward) would have treated a nonblack player in similar circumstances with less vitriol. If Mr. Gilbert is simply an irate employer who vented after Mr. James' disappointing decision to leave his team, then the Rev. Jackson, using inflammatory words like "plantation" and "slave," may himself demean Mr. James by unnecessarily wrapping him in the protective shroud of our lamentable racist past. I would hope other evidence, if any, of Mr. Gilbert's propensity for disparate treatment would be presented along with the allegations. Otherwise, the Rev. Jackson may as well challenge the concept of a team "owner" alone as an unwanted vestige of slave life.


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